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Congratulations to our Winners!

We asked, "What would you do if days were 25 hours, instead of 24?"

Here are our favorite answers and the winners
of the HyperAnt™ Time Flies Contest!

Grand Prize Winner

Myerstown, PA

Everyone feels that twenty-four hours in a day is just not enough. Yet, few people really know that they would do with an extra hour if it were given to them. Some might sleep it away, others, just spend one more hour working, and still some people might spend it surfing the internet. Personally, I know exactly what I would do with one more hour in a day. I would spend ever second of every minute of that hour with my wife and two children. It seems like just yesterday my one year old daughter and three year old son were born, yet time has flown by, and despite the fact that I have spent a great deal of time with them, I still feel it is not enough. I need every precious second that I can get with them because I know that one day I will look back and wonder where it all went.

First Prize Winners

Chicopee, MA

I would spend my extra hour finding the worlds best chocolate milkshake- and I wouldnt stop until I found it! :-)

Kirkwood, MO

I would consider it my bonus, my 'if' only. I would do all the things I normally wish I could -- if I had but 5 more minutes here and there through the day. I would wake up and instead of jumping out of bed - I would snuggle closer into my husbands shoulder. As my kids jump out of the car to race off into class - instead of yelling "have a great day" I would tell them how proud they make me and then let them out of the car. At lunch I would sit - really sit and breathe - deep and slow until my pulse relaxed and calmed. For my husband I would finally get around to mating his socks when they come out of the dryer instead of throwing them in a basket where he has to dig every morning. For the baby I would come down to his level more - look into his eyes when we play and smile instead of throwing him on my hip while I tried to catch up with the dishes before I needed to start after school pick ups. It wouldn't mean doind one thing for me or any other person. It would be doing things the way I wished I could do them every day. My intentions are alway to do it the way my heart wants - minutes just get jammed together. The result would mean more expressions of love, more bonding and a happier family. The small things done right would mean the difference in getting things done and connecting.

Tupelo, MS

I would be able to spend more time with my friends. Forget about sleep! Who needs more sleep when you can have more than rest, you can have fun, fun, fun. A day at the park! Anything would be better. By the way, who on earth said you have to go to bed at the same time every day! The body clock is longer than the clock set by the sun. Night-time is just as fun as ther day-time.

Arlington Heights, IL

Time seems to defy physics! For the older we get the faster it seems to go by/ At the end it is the valuable thing we ever have, and we would probably give up everything for a few minutes more. I would really try to use that extra hour to make our world a better for both man and beast. Even simple things can really help like picking up road side trash or planting a flower garden for hummingbirds. or visiting with and cheering up a lonely elder! What a wonderful place our earth would soon be if all of us had this extra daily hour and used it this way. And it surely could also be if each of us could merely spare only a quarter hour a day from the existingenty four.

Las Vegas, NV

If I had an extra hour in a day, that would be one more hour I could spend with my son working on his learning diabilities. It is challenging enough, but with little time at the end of the day, I would feel so much better we got as much in as possible. I ewant nothing more for him but to be on the same level as his peers and have the tools to succed in life.

Knoxville, IA

I would spend my extra hour playing games with my family. Some nights I would just spend it on me though. I would take a long hot bath and read four or five books a week. During the summer, I would sit out on the porch and watch the sun go down while sipping lemonade. I can think of a million things that I would do. Although in reality, if there were more hours in a day I believe that most people, myself included, would fill the time by trying to get more accomplished. It is human nature. Parents would put their kids in more activites or squeeze in an extra hour at work. It doesn't matter how many hours there are in a day. People need to make time to do those things that they enjoy for themselves and others around them. The focus should be people instead of money and things. When people begin to put family, friends, and themselves first, the world will be a better place!

Ringgold, GA

24 hours are in a day , I've so much to do with no time to play. If I had 25 hours instead , I wouldn't waste my time lying in bed. Maybe I'd use my extra hour, every single day, Playing games with my daughter , or find good board games to play. Maybe I'd take that hour given to me, and sing Kareoke with her laughing gleefully. Oh I've got it, now I know just where I'd head, I'd spend that extra hour just reading to her when she goes to bed!

Brooklyn, NY

I'd use the extra hour reading. An hour reading is the furthest you can go in the shortest amount of time. Whether I'm reading a work of fiction or something spiritual/self-help I am able to transport myself to another place or work on my own personal transformation. What could be better than that? An extra uninterrupted hour of reading would give me the energy to move me through whatever is ahead. I'll either sleep better if the 25th hour falls at the end or wake up energized to face the day. If I use it in the middle of the day what an incredible energy surge and morale booster. I'm pumped just thinking about it. The reality is that the day is never going to be long enough so I'll make the most of what i have and read until my eyes wear out.

Atlanta, GA

I would spend time with my son walking in the woods and talking about what we can see, hear, taste and feel, and try to point out new plants.

Dover, PA

I would spend that extra hour listening to the laughter of my children, doing something to expand their minds or just plain telling them how much I love them!

Woods Cross, UT

If I had 1 hour a day, that would be 7 hours per week and 28 hours per month, that's like 1 day a month of time...wow! If I had that much time and it was not spoken for, imagine what more I could accomplish with my 5 kids. Each child could get several hours a month of special time, how cool would that be. So to answer the question, I would spend it with my kids doing mom and me stuff!

Rio Rancho, NM

I would play with my cats, rolling on fresh-mown lawn, enjoying the sun on my belly!

Greeneville, TN

A good day is any day that I can enjoy my favorite pastime basketweaving! A good day is a day I get to weave a basket! I share my baskets with my family and friends and donate many to local churches and charities! Time sure does fly when you're having fun! Basketweaving is fun!

Woodruff, SC

If I had an extra hour in every day, the way to spend it would be debatable. I would want to spend it with my family, to connect and really be ther to share our daily lives. However, I would also want to spend it getting all of those things done that seem to slip, becuase I am busy, working and being a mom. But wait, shouldn't I take that time to make a difference in my community? Or should I work out and take care of my body so that I can be healthier? No, No, I have a worthwhile career where I try to protect the environment and public health, shouldn't I give that hour to serve the betterment of the environment and public health? Oh, i know I should spend that time educating myself so that I would be more effective in each of these roles. Okay, my head just exploded. I do not know how I would spend that hour. I suspect it would vary from day to day in an attempt to do a better job in each of these areas. I wish that life were so simple that I could be single minded., but life is too complex to commit to a single activity. Instead, I promise that if I had an extra hour I would spend it in a worthwhile manner. I would live and give . If I saw a need, I wopuld seek to do what I could to meet it. That is all that I can commit to.

Powell, TN

I would doodle in my doodling book and take a walk upside down. I would give my puppy a jello bath and dance around the town. I would tickle everyone I see and blow bubbles at em if they frown.

Randolph, NJ

If the days were comprised of 25 hours each, I'd be ecstactic to be younger! I probably wouldn't notice much difference in my daily routine because an hour passes swiftly. I'd hope to get in an hour of exercise! The new hour should be implemented an exercise hour. We could all go walking or something to combat obesity and diabetes!

Castro Valley, CA

The things I could do: Sleep Swim Sauna Sail Surf Sun my tired bones After that I would Run, Row, Rail against the establishment and startup a business that sold the new clocks and watches needed for the new world of 25 hours!

Raleigh, NC

I would use the time to learn something new. You only get once, on this planet. I want to get everything I can in. I don't want to miss a single thing. You have grab life by the horns. Yes, it's never enough time in one day. I can't let life slip by me.

Plano, TX

If I had an extra hour each day I would try to use it in ways that helped my family understand how very much they mean to me. The time so often seems to slip by. There are days and weeks when I have failed to utter the words I love you. I do try to let my family know they are treasures by the things and time I try to spend with them. You can never tell people too many times that you love them.

Metairie, LA

Learn as much as I can about a subject in an hour. Keep studying the same subject every extra hour of every day - until I had mastered that particular subject.

Oswego, NY

What if days were 25 hours long instead? I will love it because i would go for a run or have fun! and i can spand time with my dad and mom and amber and kaleya and my pets! Would you play, or learn something new? I would do bothe because if i play i will be my hilther and I will LOVE it! Or if I lern something new I would no how to hlap the Cheetahs live! And if some how have 25 hours how will it help use, But I would go to school and then go home and eat i would play tell 8:00 then I would eat more andhave fun! for the other hour I would sleep if it was drak or play if it was sunny! will I no i have lots of more characters left but that is all I can thak of! Bey-Bey

Somerville, AL

I would ride the tractor around the farm to check on all of the animals. I would stop at the pond to catch a fish, watch the birds and listen to the frogs. I would pick some wildflowers for a beautiful bouquet. Then, I would lie back and take a nice long nap in the soft green grass with the breeze lulling me to sleep.

Lafayette, LA

I would bring my two kids, 8 and 5 skating or go to the movies. We always love going to the Kart Ranch to ride the go-carts or play games. We also might try our hand at mini golf or bowling. We could head to the park, or we could work on making a story ( we do love creating books!!) Everyone pitchs in and we come out with a totally funny story. We could go to the zoo, or go ice skating. Are you sure that we could only have one extra hour?? We need more, more, more!! There are paintings to paint and books to read and races to win and games to play, there are stars to see , and clouds to count, flowers to smell . There are cookies to bake and rides to ride , dances to dance. There are hills to roll down , ropes to jump and bikes to ride. There's always time for playing chase or hide and go seek.

Conway, AR

Dance, dance, dance!!!!! Did I mention I would dance?

Atlanta, GA

I would spend it reading a book to my children, curled up in front of a cozy fire with some hot chocolate and cookies.

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